Metalcraft of Mayville – West Bend Addition

Client Name



West Bend, WI


36,000 s.f.


This project consisted of a 36,000 SF addition to the existing manufacturing plant in West Bend, Wisconsin. The 36,000 SF facility consists of a two-story 12,000 SF office area and a 2,500 SF cafeteria area that was constructed with a poured deck to allow for a future second story office expansion or fitness center addition. Connected to the office area is a 2,000 SF auditorium and assembly area for events, training, and product display. This addition also acts as the main location for the Automation branch of the Metalcraft of Mayville, which was a new company expansion by acquisition. The Automation area is a 10,000 SF high-end industrial space with access to the greater existing manufacturing plant. The project also consists of an 8,000 SF pre-engineered metal building storage and warehouse area, heated entirely by the heat gain generated off the large industrial compressors and makeup air from the existing manufacturing plant as part of a Focus on Energy initiative.

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