Why True Design-Build Matters

In the world of construction, the method you choose can significantly impact the outcome of your project. Design-build has been gaining popularity for its efficiency and streamlined process, but not all design-build firms are created equal. At Oliver Construction, we pride ourselves on being a true design-build firm, and here’s why it matters.

Speaking with the clients that Oliver has worked with in the past, you can’t go wrong. At the very least, and I think you’re going to like what you hear.

Conor Farley, Partner & Executive VP

Since we are a true design-build, meaning the architects and engineers are within our building and not some other third-party firm that we’ve partnered with to pursue a project, we can go down the hallway and ask for their advice and have that coordination throughout the process.

“There’s been an uptick in the popularity of the design-build method,” says Greg Halpin, Oliver Construction Partner. He goes on to agree with Oliver architect, Bud Bessler, about other firms mimicking “design-build” without delivering the end result a true design-build firm like Oliver would get you. Without having everyone in-house, it’s difficult to have the same level of familiarity about a project and you’re bound “to lose efficiency.”

According to Conor, also a partner at Oliver Construction, many of Oliver’s clients, if not all, have expressed their willingness to give tours and share their experience working with Oliver with prospective owners. This generosity speaks highly of our firm’s reputation and makes it easier for potential clients to choose Oliver Construction. Hearing directly from those we’ve worked with will leave a positive impression.

Greg adds, “If you’re considering design-build or a more traditional approach, I would say it costs you nothing to come in and meet our team or have us come out and meet with you, with a project manager, an executive, an architect, a structural engineer, and see if you like us. And if you don’t, you know, best of luck. There’s plenty of talented teams out there, but I think we’ve got one of the better ones in the States.”

Conor shares a recent experience: “I have a client who just came to me recently and they bought a building that they would like to do a tenant improvement on and create a restaurant space and catering space out of. Now, being Oliver, I’m talking to the client, know what their budget is up front, and I can bring a structural engineer and an architect that costs the client nothing to that first initial meeting. And the client can talk about their vision throughout the space, what they want to achieve, and we’ve got the whole team there understanding the budget, the constructability, the schedule, and the design and structural implications throughout that project. And that’s pretty unique in the industry of having all of that in your initial scope meeting.”

Greg adds, “You’re not having the same conversation twice, right? Not playing catch up. A lot of the main professionals are in that initial meeting.”

Bud Bessler, our architect and partner, warns against the trend of firms claiming to be design-build when they’re not. “Make sure they are a legit design-build company,” he advises. “We’re a legit design-build. Everybody’s in-house. You get all the relationships we talked about.”

In a market where design-build firms vary in their approach, Oliver Construction stands out as a true design-build company. With in-house experts, seamless coordination, client testimonials, risk-free meetings, and a commitment to legitimacy, Oliver ensures efficiency, value, and quality in every project. When it comes to your next construction project, choose Oliver for a truly comprehensive and successful experience.

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