A general laborer will perform a plethora of tasks including, but not limited to, operating hand and power tools, maintaining a clean job site, assist superintendents and other team members as necessary, and transport materials. Heavy lifting and physical endurance capabilities are imperative.

• Ready to learn from on-the-job training when necessary

• Help equipment operators, carpenters, and other skilled labor when necessary

• Prep construction sites by cleaning obstacles and hazards

• Load or unload construction materials

• Put together and take apart temporary structures, such as scaffolding

• Remove, fill, or compact earth

• Assist craft workers/ skilled tradespeople in their duties

• Perform site clean-up

• Dig trenches, compacting earth, and backfilling holes

• Lay building materials such as concrete and brick and construct and repair surfaces or structures

• Carry out some masonry duties such as preparing surfaces before beginning a work, laying blocks or bricks in accordance with blueprints, plans, or drawings

• Lay out work with the use of relevant materials such as chalk lines, tapes, squares, plumb bobs, and levels; and mixing cement with the use of hoes, cement-mixing equipment or any other relevant hand tools

• Assisting with the preparation of concrete and mortar

• Mixing grout or cement and moving it to the work area

• Assist with setting the forms, arrange and align them

• Spread, level, and smooth concrete

• Clean tools and make sure all equipment is in good working condition

• Pour, smooth, and level concrete footings, walls, and flatwork

• Use of trowel, floats, and screeds


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