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Working with Oliver

Extensive Experience in Construction Management

What type of experience should you anticipate when working with the OLIVER team?

You will find the OLIVER team professional, personable, both flexible and knowledgeable, and proactive when changes are required. 

Though we never lose focus on working within our clients’ requirements, we realize that our business goes beyond bricks and mortar. Our team is committed to professionalism, excellence, and to the idea that there is no substitute for client satisfaction. 

We understand the relationship between design, cost, and creative design/build solutions that maximize your budget.

Our clients praise OLIVER as the right choice for running cost-effective and time-efficient projects—and for good reason: we prioritize establishing an early project schedule which allows us to determine a workable budget to guide the rest of the project.

Having an early project schedule facilitates identification of long-lead items, generation of milestone dates, and preparation for city, town, county and state permitting cycles. 

OLIVER embraces creativity and design innovations.  Our Design/Build team will be with you each step of the design process to create and construct a building project you can call your own . . . from concept to construction and beyond.

We create (build) a comfortable environment for our clients to effectively communicate their goals.  We listen and encourage communication throughout the design process, setting a foundation for a building relationship.  This relationship is essential to developing a design program unique to each project.  The design is further developed with unique perspectives from on staff Architects, Engineers, Planners, and Interior Designers in direct line of communication with Construction Managers, Estimators, and tradesmen.  Our team is progressive yet offers experiences to address design, estimating and construction methods that are time tested and sustainable.  These experiences and forethought enhance our team’s ability to also program a  Master Planning component for each project and essentially design for the future; accommodating our client’s goals for the next 5, 10, 20 years and beyond.             

Stunning creative design concepts evolve from this collaborative Design/Build team effort. These concepts lead to building designs that are creative, recognizable and distinctive while promoting an image best suited for each client.

We build relationships with our customers because we seek repeat business. We realize that each client is likely to need us or someone like us again in the future.

The OLIVER team works consistently to treat our customers with the utmost respect. We choose to establish a relationship built on mutual trust and have had the opportunity and pleasure of many satisfied repeat customers over the years. Customers become part of the OLIVER family! 

As the Owner of a new building, you deserve a proper hand-off, and we will take the time to sit down with you to review each of the following: Owner training/education, warranty management and permits. 

OLIVER has been in continuous operation since 1945. We always stand behind our work, and we firmly believe in “never leaving problems behind.” Our large number of repeat clients serves as a testament to the success of this philosophy.